What is Personal Colour Analysis?

by Chrysalis Colour

What is a Season?

Season is another word for group of natural coloring. 

We all have a built-in colour scheme that includes a version of every colour, blue, red, green and all the others, like a personal rainbow. By choosing from this menu when we create our appearance, our clothing colours are ultimately flattering to our skin, hair, and eyes. Our makeup is perfect for our face. Our hair colour is fantastic with our skin colours, as if it happened by itself. 

Why 12 groups of colours? Because there is enough variation to represent every type of human pigmentation and still be able to tell the groups apart. Each Season has a particular energy or communication that can get blurred with too many groups. 

Every one of your colours respects the same setting on 3 independent scales: how warm or cool, light or dark, and bright or soft. Once you know how these apply to you, you have the formula for every appearance decision. 

What is a Personal Colour Analysis (PCA)?

A PCA is a process of comparing carefully selected colours to identify the harmony with your colouring.  The analyst interprets specific effects. You will be amazed to see how much your appearance changes with each comparison. 

The process takes approximately 2-2.5 hours. Next, the analyst will explain how to use your colour palette, followed by a cosmetic demonstration. Now that your Season is known, any concern or question that you had, such as hair colour or an upcoming purchase, may be discussed. 

What can a PCA do for me?

Bottom line: You look better. You shop smarter. You feel better. 

When every item you add to your appearance is in synchrony with who you already are, the result is a picture that is appealing and compelling. Others notice the harmony of your appearance. They may not recognize why your look is so real and right, but they will sense it clearly. 

You will have become an educated consumer, with the knowledge and tools to make selections that are perfect for you. Rarely will you stand in a return line. You’ll use the makeup you buy. You’ll take control of your hair colour and guide your colourist to the right choice. 

Our clothes tell the world our story. When our narrative is honest and genuine, we discover the peace of seeing who we were meant to be all along. The most valuable gift we can give one another is perfect acceptance. When a woman leaves feeling at peace and content with who she is, often for the first time since her teenage years, that’s the best outcome of all.