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personal colour analysis

You are in my studio. You’re sitting in a comfortable chair, with a grey cape on just like at the hairdresser’s. We’re surrounded by more grey fabric, hanging down on three sides. Right in front there’s a mirror. I’ve already told you about the basics of colour (you know, hue, value, chroma) and I’ve turned the lights on. They’re very bright, just like you knew they would be.

And then I lift that first set of drapes from their hook. Black and brown, silver and gold…

From that moment, you and I are on a breathtaking journey that every woman should experience at least once in her life. For those few hours, wrapped in our little grey bubble, we watch you change and react in response to colour. Drape after drape, shade after shade. There’s no bias, no prejudice and no judgement. Only the rhythm of the drapes, as we search for the colours that are just like you. When we find them, there’s silence and understanding. We meet you as you really are.

This is why I adore doing colour analysis. It’s an incredible privilege to show you how beautiful you really are, and have been all along. I believe knowing that instantly takes away any uncertainty and doubt, and that is truly satisfying to me. My studio is a safe place where you will find advice and support.  

I was a scientist before I became a colour analyst. What drew me to 12Blueprints was the incredible logic of the system, something I had been trained to look for.

I’m located in Zutphen, The Netherlands. To find out more, please visit my website.  


In addition to colour analysis, I also offer ALIGN Style Analysis, drawing from my experience in morphology, which is about the shape of organisms. I created ALIGN to give you a tool for finding line harmony, so you can find the clothing designs that suit your body type. Just like colour analysis does for your colouring.


ALIGN Style Analysis:

I have always been unsure about what things suit me best, and had conflicting advice in the past. Reading about body types has been confusing. I could eliminate only one of 4 or 5 typical types for myself. It turns out that’s no surprise – like most people, I’m a blend. Florentina confidently described that blend, and how it translates to my proportions in clothing choices. It felt completely right.

I was consistently choosing wrong in two areas. I’m attracted to blazer-style jackets. They are too long, too stiff, and after talking with Florentina, probably have too much vertical line in the lapels. They never felt quite right, and I have wasted a lot of time looking for the perfect blouses to wear underneath to make them work. Now I see these attempts took me into several problem areas! The other thing is my attraction to over-sized comfy clothing – boyfriend shirts etc. I’ll keep wearing those to breakfast at home!

Taking the photos she requires was a hurdle. On the other hand, with cell phone and email technology, it’s easily accomplished with a sympathetic friend or partner on hand. I just took a deep breath.

During our two-hour Skype call, Florentina patiently described my blend and what makes it unique, and what the key elements are. Out of 16 types, she named me “Dignified”.
I asked whether weight would affect this. She said absolutely not. If weighing less, I will be in a smaller size, but my bone structure will not change, so proportions will stay the same. So, I might like how I look better if I am slimmer, but I will be the same style type. Thinking back to various weights I have been, I believe this to be true.

Her recommendations were very clear about line, proportion, texture, fit, hair, eyebrow shaping, and makeup placement. I changed the placement of my blush right away.

I had already accumulated a bag of clothes I thought were not working well. After my Skype call with her, I added a few more items. Now, in each case, I know what the problem is, and why I have not been wearing, and will not wear, those items. I hope somebody else will enjoy them.
Strangely, I don’t feel there is a big hole in the remaining wardrobe. Most of those pieces were just taking up space. The remaining clothes are not too bad. I can take my time to be choosy and find things that are better. It will take time, since my requirements are much more specific, and combined with my colours, my requirements are quite specific. In future, I believe my wardrobe will always be smaller, and more comfortable and effective. It will probably be worthwhile to invest in long-lasting pieces.

As an example, I’ve previously wondered which was better for me – V neck or scoop neck. It turns out, that was not the right question. Florentina explained that for my type, I need space around my face, and not all scoops and Vs are created equal. That said, either works for me if the proportions are right.

Florentina has an objective and mathematical approach. Her delivery is matter-of-fact, and clear. I have come out of this liking my body type, and wanting to dress it most attractively. That is worth every penny!

I recommend Florentina’s ALIGN Style Analysis to anyone who feels they aren’t getting it quite right, and wonder about proportion, and want to feel like themselves in their clothing choices, and like to feel more efficient in shopping and wardrobe management. I could say I wish I’d done it when I was younger, but there’s no time like the present!

L. - Canada.
Style Analysis: Dignified

I was shocked at the depth of the experience

I had a style analysis completed with Florentina in the Summer of 2019, and was shocked at the level of personalization and depth of the experience. She took me through parts of style that I had never thought about for myself, such as what type of fabrics look good on me, or what style hats I should be wearing.

She was quick to respond to any of my questions, and the materials she has provided for me I use every time I go shopping. As soon as I had my image analysis complete I bought a new plain, black bathing suit using her recommendations, and have received numerous compliments on how well it suits me.

I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is looking to feel more confident in what they wear.

J. - Canada
Style Analysis: Striking

So liberating to have the information to create a wardrobe that truly fits me in every way

I wanted to thank you again for the analysis and for sending the information for me to be able to review.  It was such a pleasure getting to meet you via Skype and to learn from you!

Your idea to begin with a simple t-shirt analysis and explanation and move from there to other items made so much sense; I actually feel it is so simple and finally, finally I have the information I need to make the right clothing decisions for myself. In the weeks leading up to our appointment I thought about things I had worn from my teenage years on, the things that resonated with me and I felt good in. But I never understood the common denominator, the things they all had in common.

When you revealed my “type” and its particular equation, it was clear what I had loved was what you were recommending. Somehow those few good choices were lost in years of clothing trends/gifts/bargains or trying to attain an image I was not. Already it feels so liberating to know I have all the information I need to create a wardrobe that truly fits me in every way. I’ve never in my life had that confidence, so thank you again!

H. - USA
Style Analysis: Transcendent