How to Book a Consultation

Personal Colour Analysis (PCA) consultations are scheduled directly with each analyst. Contact information may be found in the Analyst Directory. Contact your analyst with any questions you may have prior to scheduling your consultation.

The PCA is performed with one client per session. The session may last 3 to 4 hours depending on the analyst, questions that the client may have, or activities that may be added to the session.

Analysts offer a variety of menus for services, which may include viewing Luxury drapes, full cosmetic application, and post-PCA support for topics such as hair colour. Information about these may be found on the analysts’ websites or through an enquiry before the PCA is booked.

Fee: Prices are set by each analyst, in accordance with the services offered. 

Analysts may see up to 2 to 3 clients per day depending on what is included in the session, whether travel of the analyst or client is involved, and other factors. Most analysts welcome friends or family who accompany the client to watch and participate in the PCA.

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