Our Story

Our Story

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. - Anais Nin

Who are we?

We are an international network of Colour Analysts trained in the Sci\ART method by Christine Scaman, founder of 12 BLUEPRINTS and Terry Wildfong, founder of Your Natural Design

If you were to ask us why we chose to be Colour Analysts, the answers would be many…

We love colour, cosmetics, fashion; we were captivated by the experience, gripped by the transformation, or have wanted to be a colour analyst for a decade or longer.

But there is one reason we will all talk about: the desire to help people improve their appearance and their inner well-being all at once… and to blossom.

We understand the desire to be beautiful and eloquent in your appearance, and how difficult it is to get there.

Because not so long ago, we wandered through stores, feeling overwhelmed.

Our closets were full, yet we had nothing to wear. We wore the same pair of jeans a lot.

We had drawers full of makeup that was used only once.

Our hair colour varied between a new colour every year, a colour we had worn for decades, or whichever choice our colourist advised.

The uncertainty – that feeling of being on quicksand – meant we were often uncomfortable spending money. And then there was the uneasiness that we were allowing others to make decisions for us. We gave them the power to decide whether we ‘had arrived’, and sometimes wondered if their satisfaction should be our goal. 

We lived the beauty standards of others and had no idea what our own would be.

It felt wrong, and we knew it. But what else could we do?

We didn’t see anything on the horizon that would improve this, and so we continued on that path.

It became a merry-go-round of ads, trends, and well-intended advice.

It made expressing ourselves next to impossible.

We felt frustrated, kind of empty, and little helpless, like a ship tossed among waves.

But looking back, deep down, we already had a sense that there was ‘something’ out there. The key that would help us own our individuality and femininity, and express that elusive beauty we hoped for.

One day, we found it…  or it found us!

Personal Colour Analysis was the lighthouse to our ship, and it made everything look different. Here were the results we dreamed of – better even.

Suddenly, clothes looked good. 

Makeup did too.

We looked good. So good in fact, that we were able to stay on course, despite the distractions, trial and error, and doubts that came from others.

We went from aimless searching to being empowered.

We could feel change for the better coming from within ourselves.

We sensed we were becoming beautiful, peaceful, almost effortless.

Our mirrors started to show gorgeous, powerful women. We could hardly believe it ourselves.

We knew what to ignore in stores.

We knew what colour our hair should be.

We were on the road to achieving clarity and could defend ourselves, now complete… at the same time, still with our vulnerabilities. They didn’t go away and we learned that they didn’t need to. They’re part of our essential presence in this moment.

Personal Colour Analysis just made it all simple, easy, clear.

Today, if you asked us what PCA has brought into our own lives, we would tell you about confident beauty.

About the pleasure of being ourselves, and being good enough as ourselves.

About a certainty in our appearance and the choices around it.

We would also tell you about fulfilling dreams, feeling capable, and having a sense of direction in our lives.

The double benefits of PCA – the outer beauty and the inner freedom – were invaluable in our lives. We wanted to share them with more people, and so we decided to train as analysts.

We can help you look beautiful, and teach you how to make your own best choices.

We can share with you what brought us the profound joy and freedom, even gratitude, about the inner and outer harmony we all were meant to have.

It’s an experience we wish everyone would have. After that, it will never be forgotten: it remains the beacon that guides us on our paths.