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West Virginia: Charles Town

Uniquely You Color

By Tracy Kay



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Hello! I’m Tracy Kay. I will show you how to enhance your image by providing a through, individualized color analysis to determine the colors, tones, and palette that compliments your unique coloring, so you will look and feel great all the time.  You will learn how to use color to your best advantage to boost your confidence and to appear more vibrant. Never again will you waste time and money on colors that don’t make your natural coloring sparkle! 

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I use the Sci\ART™  12-seasonal tone system created by master colorist Kathryn Kalisz to perform your (PCA) personal color analysis. She developed this unique system based on legendary artist, Albert Munsell’s 3-Dimensional system that classifies colors by Hue, Value, and Chroma—the 3 components of how the human eye perceives color. 

The uniqueness of the system expands upon the 4-seasonal approach popularized in the 80’s by Color Me Beautiful. The brilliance of the  Sci\ART™ PCA system created by Kathryn lies in the discovery that most of the human population does not neatly fit into the traditional 4-seasons. The expansion into 12 seasons allows for a more accurate identification of a person’s natural color tone.


Uniquely You Color is located in Charles Town, WV.
Neighboring Loudoun County, VA and services the Washington DC metro area.