Have You Got Your Perfect T-shirt Yet?

calibrated tshirts

One of the first clothing items I purchased after my PCA was a purple t-shirt.

Keeping in mind my analyst’s advice how I needed time and practice in order to learn how to recognize my colors, I avoided major closet investments in the first couple of months. I figured buying just a few t-shirts would be a good starting point. I imagined it would allow me to dip my toes in this new color palette and find out if embracing my Season would be really a smooth journey.

I thrifted that purple t-shirt at a second hand store in a town where lived in at that time. It was years ago but I vividly remember that when I put it on in the changing room I knew immediately that was it.

My heart beat faster and my reflection in the mirror suddenly became harmonious, focused and vibrant. Until that moment I had never been able to fully grasp the meaning of the sentence I had heard from some color analysts before: “just put it on and wait for the magic to happen”. You have to see it with your own eyes to truly appreciate it. The color aligned with me and my fan perfectly.

That t-shirt served me well for a number of years, before holes and fading forced me to finally say good bye to my favorite piece. Not only did I love wearing it, but it also was a perfect reference point at the beginning of my adventure with the new color palette. And each time when I had doubts whether new clothes I was considering adding to my closet were 100% my Season, I would reach for my purple t-shirt.

I have turned to that t-shirt to remind myself what a perfect color harmony with my color palette looks like. To recall how exactly it feels wearing my absolute best colors. And then I simply kept looking for the same kind of impressions and feelings with every other thing. By doing so I kept elevating my harmonizing skills and my confidence in making the right choices with every new purchase, be it clothing or makeup.

How about you? Have you got such a t-shirt yet?

A t-shirt which you know for sure belongs to your Season? The one you can always get back to for re-calibration and grounding?

If not, I made one especially for you. Here is where you can find it:

Anna wearing TW icy t-shirt
Anna wearning TW blue t-shirt

PS. I am wearing size S in True Winter blue and Bright Winter icy pink in the pictures above. 

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Anna Lazarska
Anna Łazarska