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A Personal Color Analysis will teach you the best colors that you should wear for clothes, hair, makeup, jewelry, and other fashion accessories.


I have always had a passion for the beauty/fashion industry; even at the age of about 8 years old, I told my mom that I wanted to be a hairstylist. She didn’t fully believe that’s what I really wanted until I moved into high school and continued to show interest in that career field. I did go on to beauty school at Capitol School of Hairstyling in Omaha, NE, and graduated there in May 1998. I then began working at Hair Biz Salon (now called John Edwards Salon and Day Spa) and have worked there since June 1998.

I was introduced to personal color analysis around 2011 through a very good friend. With all of my cosmetology training, I didn’t give much credit to the validity of color analysis. My friend had already been draped, and after some time passed, I started to see the positive changes in her clothing, hair, and makeup. I then started to ask her more and more questions about it. Then in spring 2013, I was draped as a Light Summer and started my color journey. It was all very intriguing to me.

I started having a desire to learn more about personal color analysis and to look into becoming an analyst myself. After some personal family problems, I wanted a job that I could work from home and be with my kids, so I decided to fully pursue this as another career boost to my already thriving cosmetology business. I went and received my training with Terry Wildfong in August 2016. During my training, Terry re-draped me as part of my training. Through the more thorough analysis, we came to find me as a Dark Winter. I feel much more at home in these colors! I’m excited to help others find their colors so they can look their best and be more confident when buying clothing, makeup, jewelry, and other fashion purchases.

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the benefit of a Color Analysis

We are all created with our own natural coloring.  Without knowing your colors, you cannot know best how to dress yourself with clothes that harmonize with you and your colors. 

A personal color analysis gives you the knowledge to make informed purchases with clothing and all other fashion accessories.  It has also been known to help people feel more confident in their careers and personal life. 

What to expect :
The analysis is done in a neutral gray setting. You will be put in a neutral gray cape and head covering. I will also be in a neutral gray analyst jacket. The lighting is a full spectrum lighting that is also neutral. I will then compare many different colored fabric drapes against your skin tone that vary in hue, value, and chroma. Since everything is neutral except the drapes that we are comparing, we can see exactly what these colors are doing to your skin.


If you are thinking about having your colors analyzed, I highly recommend it! I haven't felt so confident in my clothes or makeup than I do now! I've begun to step out of my box with my lipstick choices and I don't have to worry about it looking terrible because it is my colors! Sarah is an amazing woman who goes through the whole process with you. She shows you why certain colors don't work, and allows you to see it too. She has such a warm personality and makes sure you are well taken care of. Schedule your appointment today, you won't regret it!!!
Dark Winter
Thank you, Sarah, so much for helping me find my true colors! I've been having a fabulous time planning my outfits, makeup, and of course shopping! If anyone is out there thinking about having a color analysis, it is so worth it! Even if you hate shopping, you might enjoy it a little more when you know which colors make you shine. I know I am loving being a part of the Bright Spring family!
Bright Spring
If you've never had your personal color analysis, you need to make an appointment with Sarah today! Seriously. It will revolutionize your morning (and your closet). Just do it!
Bright Winter