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Welcome to Chrysalis Colour

The desire to be beautiful to yourself and others is universal.

You want to know how to look good. How to be approachable, stylish, confident and attractive…

But you want to do it in a way that feels like YOU, not somebody else.

What is Colour Analysis?

Does the image you see in the mirror represent the REAL you...?

Or have you followed what the latest trends have told you that you should be (whether or not it actually looks good on you)?

Trends are confusing.

Shopping can become overwhelming.

The amount of choice is more exhausting than liberating.

On some days, you might even feel like it’s too much trouble.

How do you make the best choices for YOU?…

Beauty comes from reflecting the colours that live inside you.

Your skin has an innate colour palette, and when you surround yourself with colours from that palette, your appearance becomes magnetic. Thrilling to watch, impossible to look away from.

Your most attractive, healthy, and genuine appearance starts with knowing what colours you are.

Personal Colour Analysis is the beauty secret you’ve been seeking.

Women want advice that respects their individuality and natural beauty.

We have answers.

Our network of Colour Analysts* are located throughout Canada,
the United States, and other locations Worldwide.

* Trained in the Sci\ART method by Christine Scaman, founder of 12 BLUEPRINTS
and Terry Wildfong, founder of Your Natural Design

The analysts at Chrysalis Colour share a passion for helping you to discover your individuality and to express yourself through a harmonious, modern wardrobe.

Our system will work anywhere, anytime.

You’ll know which trends to embrace, and which to ignore.

Great makeup becomes a breeze.

We will teach you how to use the colour fan as a guide to finding your best colours. This fan is the bridge between the magic of your colour analysis and the items in stores. With it, you will be able to find clothing and cosmetics that look great on you like never before.

Become who you were meant to be... with the power of Personal Colour Analysis

Personal Colour Analysis will help you create a high-performing wardrobe that truly works for you.

Contact one of the certified analysts in your area. Discover your own colour palette and begin to live your beauty dreams.