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Cate Linden

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I believe that phenomenal personal style begins with honoring your physical design....

But you won’t love your look until you also honor your personality, your lifestyle, and what makes your heart sing.

I’m here to help you with all of it, from the planning to the practice.

Color & style

My name is Cate Linden, and I’m passionate about helping women learn to dress for their unique bodies, lifestyles, and personalities.

Like so many women, I spent most of my life in style confusion. I cycled from one hair color to another, and I never knew what lipstick color to buy. I had NO IDEA what my body shape really was, never mind how to dress it. I was always shopping, but I had nothing to wear.

In early 2014, I took a leap of faith and completed my color analysis training in the Sci\ART method with Terry Wildfong of Your Natural Design. I was so excited not only to learn my own season, but to share this transformational service with the world! I’ve been passionately providing PCA ever since, even traveling around the United States to visit cities without color analysts.

That same year, I had a Personal Image Analysis with Rachel Nachmias, and I hit the ground running to develop my very own personal style. This process was joyous and intuitive for me. My style has continued to evolve over the years, but it always feels authentic.

In early 2018 I completed my certification as a Personal Image Analyst with Rachel Nachmias, and I launched my style coaching practice.

My approach to coaching is a holistic one. In tandem with PCA and PIA, I still work with the methods I developed when establishing my own personal style. It’s important to me to consider various facets of your lifestyle and personality: not just what you look like or what’s in your wardrobe. 

I am also certified as a Your Natural Design PCA instructor, accepting color analysis students year-round.

I offer Personal Color Analysis and PCA Training Courses exclusively in Louisville, KY. However, I am able to offer image analysis and style coaching services worldwide. For more information, please visit my website.



This is so wildly fun. I can't believe how much you've already changed my dressing game in ONE session! It's like the creative little kid fashionista in me is starting to resurface. YOU ARE MAGIC.
Lexington KY
In a few short sessions, Cate helped me cultivate a unique, beautiful personal style. Cate is a true expert who knows how to offer precise instruction, but it’s Cate’s ability to understand and connect with each unique client that really sets her apart from other stylists and consultants. Her specific, comprehensive recommendations always provide exactly the right amount of guidance. Her gentle instruction is always encouraging, and I never feel criticized for past choices or current preferences. Her holistic approach incorporates my color palette, style archetype, physical appearance, daily activities, preferences, and personality, and this has given me a set of guidelines perfectly tailored for me - not a type.
Asheville NC