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True Winter makeup

In the past 3 years the world as we used to know it has dramatically changed, which affects us even on such a mundane level as makeup availiblity. 

The Covid pandemic, Brexit and wars in different parts of the world changed our lives more than we expected. Supply chains have been disrupted, health and safety protocols got stricter, while European Union import and cosmetics regulations evolved. With all that, recent means of distribution of 12 Blueprints makeup products in the EU are no longer viable. 

However, we welcome changes and we adapt. We explore, we question and we invent in order to be able to continue to deliver high quality services and products to our clients. 

In cooperation with Christine Scaman we have developed a solution which is to introduce a new brand – Perfect Mood Board by Anna Lazarska based in Poland. Leveraging the long standing experience and commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction of 12 Blueprints, the new store will continue to offer the same level of commitment.

Perfect Mood Board will offer the same products previously offered by 12 Blueprints, however under new branding in line with EU regulations. Additionally, please keep in mind that the stores are independently owned and governed by different countries’ laws, therefore inventory, shipping destinations, taxation, and all other policies are determined solely by their owners. 

Due to the new requirements some of our long time favourites will no longer be available on the European market. Instead, new shades are being introduced by Perfect Mood Board so that a selection of blushers, lipglosses and lipsticks for all 12 Seasons can still be offered to our European clients. In addition, you will still find some of the 12 Blueprints branded products in the Perfect Mood Board store until supplies last. 

To explore product selection for your Season and to place orders with shipping destinations in Canada and the USA please visit the 12 Blueprints store:

And for European destinations please visit the Perfect Mood Board store with EU registered product offering:

Anna Łazarska is located in Poland. In addition to in-person Color Analysis, Anna also offers an on-line service of personalized Image and Style Analysis. Please click the link buttons below for more information.
Anna Lazarska
Anna Łazarska

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