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Welcome to ColorRox!

I believe that What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful.  We’ve been told since childhood that there’s a certain standard of beauty.  It’s thin, it’s blonde, it looks like a model.  We see it on television, in magazines and on social media.  Clothing stores tell us what we’re supposed to wear that season.  They even tell us what colors to wear.

The truth is that we are all completely unique.  None of us fit into any mold and it’s our differences, not our sameness that make us beautiful.  Having a personal color analysis brings that into focus.  We can go from fumbling around and wondering why the green in the store this season looks terrible on us and feeling bad about it to simply walking on by knowing that not looking good in that green doesn’t make us flawed.   We are also then armed with the knowledge of which green will light us up and make us look amazing.

Even within your season, you are different than others.  Your best colors within the palette depend on your unique blend of coloring.  You may wear the colors differently than another and doing so brings your authenticity into view.  Your best colors will bring your look into integrity.  Others will begin to see you as a beautiful whole rather than segmented parts as your colors resonate with your own unique beauty.  Are you ready to be in harmony with the you you were created to be?

My mission is to help you see yourself as yourself.  To look past what you may see as your flaws and begin to show on the outside the authentic beauty that no one else has.

a client story

Can color analysis take you from dull to stunning?  (Spoiler alert : YES!)

A woman came into the studio.  She looked to be in her sixties.  She was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a powdery, medium pink t-shirt.  She had sandy blond hair and wore no makeup.  I’m guessing she was or had been a smoker because her skin had that pale, almost yellow and lifeless look to it.  I couldn’t have told you what color her eyes she had.

When we began the analysis, due to her light skin and features, I thought she looked better in summer colors defined by some amount of autumn.  It seemed like her best fit was soft summer which is summer slightly warmed by autumn, a cool-neutral palette.  I stood there looking at her.  I thought maybe that was the best she could look but I felt uneasy and unsatisfied.  Then I looked closely at her eyes and all at once it hit me.  She’s a winter!

The Sci/ART method uses extensive cross-checking to get the most accurate result.  Because I had thought she was cool-neutral I began testing the other cool-neutrals, dark winter and bright winter.  Dark winter wasn’t great.  It’s cool, deep colors weighed her down.

Then I checked bright winter and in front of me appeared an absolutely stunning woman with clear skin and ice blue sparking eyes.  She literally looked like a different person!

After applying some makeup in her palette, I put the bright winter luxury drapes on her so she could see how each of the bright winter colors looked on her.  Her husband stood in the back of the room and looked shocked at what he saw.  Her sister-in-law of many years said she had never seen her look so amazing.

This is the power of color analysis.