I'm not the kind of person who tries to be cool or trendy, I'm definitely an individual. –Leonardo DiCaprio

Project confidence, strength, and purpose with your appearance.

Getting dressed should be straightforward, right? You put on some clothes, and you’re ready for your day…

Yet, there is more to clothes than just function. You may have thought about how your appearance impacts the decisions that are made about you.

Within 30 seconds of shaking the hand of someone new, we have made decisions about their age, health, competence, intelligence, and credibility.

You want to look good. You know that the right clothes will serve you well, in your career and social life

But that’s the hard part.

At times, it seems impossible to guess what you should do to make it look ‘right’.

Sometimes you put clothes on and you can feel something is off. At other times, you think it’s fine, but others don’t seem to agree. Women, in particular, can be very picky about what looks good.

Nonetheless, you go the stores and buy what’s in fashion, or what your friends are wearing. You even took time to read the men’s style guides, even if that felt like too much effort already, and you couldn’t see yourself in those clothes.

So what’s a man to do?

Personal Colour Analysis is your hack to getting dressed with success.

No fuss. No headache. Minimum effort.

Awesome results.

Getting what you want starts with the right questions. We know you don’t care about ‘oily skin’ or ‘dark shadows under your eyes’.

But when we ask, “Between these two colours, which man looks sweaty and anxious?”, you’ll know. And you will be surprised how easy it is to see the difference.

Better still, if we ask, “Which man would you want to ask you out on a date?”, every woman will have the same response.

If the colours are wrong for you, even the most expensive suit will be unable to create a positive impact. It may even work against you.

You will see first-hand the value of effective (and ineffective) personal presentation. Taking part in the decisions helps you gain the most from your PCA investment.

A man’s impression is determined by colour as much as a woman’s. Whether our male clients booked the PCA themselves or saw a co-worker’s success (or at their partner’s suggestion!), they will tell you this: if you wear clothing from a palette of your own colours, the impression you make is dramatically improved.

You’ll appear strong, more physically fit, with a handsome and masculine facial architecture.

You’ll be in control.

You have the choice of remaining where you are, or being transported into your own future.

A man armed with knowledge about appearance might be offered higher levels of responsibility. He has the confidence to negotiate higher fees.

He creates opportunity for more command, authority, and success.

He is definitely the man that would get the date or get hired.

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