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It is fascinating how the right blouse color can make a woman look at least 5 years younger. If you are ever given a chance to be a witness or a subject to professional Personal Color Analysis, do not hesitate and take it. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable and watch the magic happen right in front of your eyes. In a quiet shelter of 4 neutral grey walls of a color studio colorful drapes change slowly under a woman’s face. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… Suddenly time stops and you hold your breath. Her skin becomes clear and tight, laugh lines around her mouth smoothen, facial features get defined, dark circles under her eyes disappear, while eyes get focused and so intense that you can’t stop looking. And there she is – a woman so real and present as you have never seen before. 


Color is not enough though. Even if it brings focus to the picture, helping us see her better, it still does not give us the ultimate answer as to who she really is. Dig deeper, look closer. Look at the way her hipline curves. See how delicate her hands are – it makes you wonder if rings small enough for her exist. Notice sharp jawline when she turns her head and cat smile when she thinks no one pays attention. Can you recognize the pattern yet? You are one step closer to the truth about her.


However, color and line do not reveal their full potential unless one more thing is added to the picture. Two women of the same coloring and figure will never look the same. Even when they share Season and Archetype, they have different personal considerations. Their dreams and inspirations are what separate them, as well as their lifestyles, jobs and places they live in. They have different preferences which influence their choices – pants vs skirts, flats vs high heels and so on. All those individual conditions impact the way they interpret their colors and lines to communicate to the world who they are.

Sci\ART Personal Color Analysis and Archetypal Personal Image Analysis are among the best gifts I have ever given to myself. There has not been a single day I regretted the money spent or time invested. I only regret not knowing then what I know now: how to quickly and effectively combine all the insights about colors and lines to sky rocket my visual potential, my confidence and my self-esteem. For a few months I wondered how to translate all the recommendations I received into coherent and authentic personal style. I searched, I questioned, I read…

my mission

Anna Lazarska

Now I know the magic formula – and I am not going to keep the secret to myself. I am committed to making every woman feel beautiful, strong and confident in her own skin. I have combined my knowledge of color and line with years of experience in international business. This blend results in my unique personal style coaching program based on tools and techniques used for building business strategies. My services guide women in discovering and developing their own style in a sustainable and authentic way. They are also extended to personal branding, image management and communication workshops and trainings for women of business.

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Thank you very much for materials and pictures you sent. I especially thank you for the detailed description of my draping process which helped me understand why this analysis process is nonrandom and so special.
Bright Winter, Yang Gamine
I appreciate all of your advice which I now follow with great joy. There is more ME in me every day. Thank you!
Dark Winter
Thank you very much for the photos and info you sent me, and most of all for your time and hospitality yesterday! I had a very interesting and, in some ways, surprising experience but now the outcome is slowly starting to make sense.
Dark Winter, Yang Classic
The workbook is great! When I was reading it (and I have already read it three times) I felt like jumping into action, into writing and taking exercises you had included. You are a tremendously inspiring person who motivates in an easy and light way. Thank you for sharing all those pages and for setting me on a quest for finding my own style.
Soft Summer
The search has found an answer, and it is thanks to you. Because you brought PCA with you at my hands reach I can breathe. I don't feel heavy, but strong. I don't feel awkward or inappropriate. I laugh freely. The expression in my face has changed because of that. I'm not in someone else's shoes, but mine, which are a perfect fit. I feel like myself inside and out, with a much wider horizon than I had ever longed for. So, thank you for making Colour Analysis a possibility for me.
True Winter
Thanks very much for doing my PCA. I really enjoyed the whole experience and learnt so much. And this is only the beginning, there is so much more to learn. (…) Although I thought I had a fairly good idea of Soft Summer before, it turns out I definitely need the fan. I had assumed that if something was greyed/soft then it would be one of the soft seasons, depending on whether warm or cool. However, the palette is warmer and darker than I expected, particularly the greys and blues don't seem to get very cool, and I found myself reaching for things that were too light. I did find one jumper in an amazing colour (almost exact match swatch) and was really amazed by how strong the colour actually seemed, much like the drapes. Soft Summer really isn't grey and washed-out at all.
Soft Summer
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