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Rachel Nachmias

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I’m a 12 BLUEPRINTS certified Personal Color Analyst trained in the Sci\ART method. 
In addition to Color Analysis, I specialize in head-to-toe personal styling and wardrobe curation to help the professional woman stop wasting time and money and feel comfortable and confident in their clothes.

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Color and Style

In addition to Color Analysis, I specialize in head-to-toe personal styling and wardrobe curation to help the professional woman stop wasting time and money and feel comfortable and confident in their clothes.

I help women create their own signature style using the following three keys:


Determining your body type, face shape, bone structure, and coloring will lay the foundation for your signature style.

Once you start dressing to accentuate your features (instead of ignoring or hiding them), you’ll start to LOVE everything in your closet – and feel comfortable and confident about how your body looks.

✅ Key 2: GOALS

If you work at home and have a tendency to put on a nice top with sweats hidden just below the video conference window, you’re bound to feel frumpy and less confident and competent while you’re working.

Yes, you want to be comfortable, but too much comfort can leave you feeling like a mess, and many women struggle to find the middle ground.

Being realistic about your goals and lifestyle is the key to curating a closet full of clothes you’ll ACTUALLY wear.

✅ Key 3: DESIRE

This is the fun part!

Once you’ve established what lights you up and truly expresses your personality and how you want to present yourself to the world, you’ll fall in love with every piece you own (and maybe even cure your endless shopping addiction!).

I’ll help you:

  • Find clothes that reflect who you are inside (and make you feel 10x more confident)
  • Feel polished and put together at all times (even if you work from home)
  • Take the guesswork out of shopping (and start actually enjoying it again)
  • Stop feeling like your wardrobe is holding you back (and actually start to feel it propelling you forward!)
  • Finally nail down your signature style once and for all!

If you would like to feel comfortable, confident, and stylish in everything you own… let’s talk!

Please click on the contact buttons at the bottom of the page to get in touch with me for more information. 


I was frustrated over another bout of having nothing to wear in my closet that helped me feel attractive. I needed someone who could help me , at age 56, finally figure out what looks good on me! Now, just a few months later, my wardrobe is transformed into a cohesive set of items that all work together and flatter me. When I shop, I'm more focused, confident, and above all, comfortable in my own skin.
Virginia Beach, VA
Rachel at Best Dressed helped me prepare for the Bal De l'Été in Monaco June 2013. I had given birth to my first daughter only 4 months prior, and we only had 2 weeks to prepare for this extremely dressy weekend that included 2 formal events and several semiformal events. She came over to take a look at what I had, which wasn't much, to be honest. Most of my pre-pregnancy clothes did not fit, and maternity clothes weren't dressy enough for the events I was preparing for. Rachel at Best Dressed came shopping with me over the course of several days, after speaking with me in depth about the events and what I was looking for in my outfits. She has such a good knowledge of fashion history... the event was retro-themed, focusing on Hollywood in the 1950's, Breakfast at Tiffany's era. Rachel helped me find classic gowns that made me look great. But then she went further. She took me to some hidden gems of vintage shops in South Philly where we found a feather hat for one formal outfit and plenty of gorgeous jewelry that brought the outfits together with the theme of the weekend. She was great at choosing things that looked beautiful on me, and that brought out my unique self. Together we put together an entire wardrobe that worked perfectly! Then Rachel sent me youtube videos and tutorials regarding hair and makeup for each outfit. I can't believe how great my hair and makeup looked when I finally got it ready for the events! I went from feeling socially scared with my postpartum body to feeling buxom and beautiful. Rachel made me feel normal, even as we laughed as she showed me how to squeeze into Spanx. I feel like I looked amazing for where I was, only 4 months after giving birth. I had a lot of confidence at the events, and got SO many compliments from so many people! I also saved a lot of money. Rather than buying brand new jewelry, I was able to buy used things in vintage shops made of real precious metals, feathers, and good quality materials. Her knowledge of vintage fashion was incredible and I learned so much, while having fun! Now I have an amazing stash of beautiful things to pull out any time. I would highly recommend Best Dressed to anyone who enjoys looking good, for an important event, or I'm sure, just for every day. It's not just looking good either... it's looking like the best you that you can be. It feels incredible. Rachel has this knack of seeing beauty people and finding real ways to draw it out so that others can see it as well. If you want to be appreciated for the gorgeous person you are, don't hesitate to trust Best Dressed with your look. You will be more than happy you did.
Philadelphia, PA
Most of my purchases would be random... buying things because they were on clearance or because I had seen someone wearing something similar and I liked it on them. I had bits and pieces but couldn't make sense of it on my own... I had a wonderful opportunity to work on my Signature style with Rachel. I came away from the process with a clear sense of style that works for my lifestyle, and expresses who my inner self is. I feel like I've come so far and I really see myself now. I look so different from before but I feel like it's more 'me'.
Hollywood, MD
Since my Best Dressed consultation; I have enjoyed confidence in my appearance that has directly impacted my quality of life. The education I received was a priceless investment. Rachel provided me with all the knowledge I needed to make intelligent, brilliantly strategic aesthetic choices and decisions. Looking "expensive" gave me the confidence I needed to land a better job (at twice the pay!) literally within a few short weeks of my consultation. More importantly, I no longer feel or look lost and confused in the makeup aisle, or in general! Shopping for makeup and clothes had always been an agonizing gamble. Best Dressed helped teach me how to feel (and be) fierce, competitive, "expensive and worth the price".
Philadelphia, PA