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about me

Jorunn Hernes

  • Certified 12 tone personal colour analysis consultant
  • Trained by Christine Scaman of 12 BLUEPRINTS in 2013
  • Based in Fitjar, a small town on the west coast of Norway
  • Loves teaching and writing

Colour and Style with Nordic Simplicity

Fargeporten has moved all the English online courses, pages and blog posts to a new website called Norwegian speaking users can find content and online courses in Norwegian at


Personal Colour Analysis is good for the environment! It can make you a more conscious consumer and inspire you to get more use out of fewer clothes.

I believe that the most important part of colour analysis is what happens afterwards. How you use your colour tone to its full potential, when you make shopping decisions, choose makeup and put together outfits.

I offer PCA consultations in person, by appointment only.

In addition, I blog in English and Norwegian about colour and style, with particular focus on minimalism and practicality.

The blog has articles, online courses and quizzes and is aimed at women all over the world who want to use their colour tone with Nordic simplicity.

Knowing and using your colour tone can help you express the truest version of yourself.



This series of emails has had an immense influence on me.  I think it is the way you distill the information and present it one concept at a time.  It really speaks to me and allows me to absorb the information. I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your emails.  They are simplicity at its finest.  One thought provoking topic per email in a style that resonates with me. 

- Ingrid

Thank you for your excellent advice, humour and insight. The newsletters and articles are very helpful.

- Ann

I love your site and the clean, crisp presentation of both ideas and clothing. I’m so grateful for your keen grasp of color and its role in personal style.

- Frances


This course was very useful with many practical examples and lovely videos. So much information; I am reading all it over and over again. Now it is easier for me to understand bright winter essence in real life with many new ideas. Thank you!

- Kaarina

Your online course is excellent, especially the section related to putting outfits together. I rely very much on neutrals. I found your advice on color proportions very useful. One aspect is very interesting to me. And that is how to combine an image archetype to the color analysis result in the outfits. This is an area which I found sometimes difficult but your advice to pay attention to the proportions of the contrasting colors helped a lot to reconcile these two aspects (the example of the violet blazer and the yellow necklace vs. top). 

- Kajsa

Jorunn provides thought-provoking insights into why I have kept making mistakes as a Reluctant Bright Winter. The lesson on choosing spectacles was worth the cost of the course – if only I hadn’t spent a fortune on tortoiseshell varifocal glasses two months ago – but I won’t make that mistake again. My preference for natural fibres has meant finding intense bright colours harder but Jorunn’s guidance has shown how to work around that. There are so many helpful and informative pointers on so many different aspects of appearance. An excellent course, just wish I had had my colour analysis with Jorunn!

- Ann

I REALLY enjoyed your Bright Winter course. I found your softer spoken video presence made me feel extremely welcome. This course filled in SO many gaps and gave me many, many “aha!” moments. Your makeup suggestions were a HUGE help!

- Tina

I do like the course and find it useful because it is so practical.

- Arja

I am loving the Bright Winter course so much. It’s so excellent and worth every penny. I’m very in love with the course you created. I’ll refer to it over and over again!

- Nathalia


This course was fun, easy, and the visuals were great. I liked that it was broken down by seasons, and that details were given for each lipstick/gloss example. I would enjoy a course on eyeshadow.

- Janet

Thank you Jorunn, I found these lessons very useful. As an aging and rather reluctant Bright Winter who finds lipstick scary your tips are much appreciated.

- Ann