Dark Winter

Dark Winter

As a Dark Winter, the key features of your colouring are:

A blend of Winter and Autumn colours (a Neutral Season), with more Winter than Autumn • Intensely pigmented colours and jewel tones with the slightest dulling • Medium-cool (or cool-neutral in PCA) • Span from white to black

When you shop...


Foundation matches overtones, as well as your (cool-neutral) undertone. The best match relates to more than just warmth. As a Winter, your foundation may be porcelain pale, even lighter than your skin appears. Your best colours may also be slightly blue, green, or gray to match the coolness or olive tones in your skin. If your skin is deeper in pigmentation, the colour may appear quite yellow, orange, or red. Precise skin tone is very variable in each Season, and especially in Winter where pigmentation is the most highly varied. Try products from a variety of brands. Choose the colour that disappears into your skin and into your appearance when the entire face wears the product; disregard the name of the colour. (Makeup and hair colour have their own terminology.)


Use your new insight into your best colours to choose the right metal for jewelry. Next to your skin, silver and gold are attractive and look great with your clothing. You know to avoid gold that is very yellow or has a brassy quality. The metal should be shiny or only slightly brushed. Modern works as well as vintage as long as the piece is shiny. Vintage works better when combined with jeweled stones, as in estate jewelry or artistic museum pieces. To check that items work with your entire palette, divide the fan into sections to harmonize separately, including warm or cool and rustic followed by jewel colours.

Who knows?...

You might be an individual who looks drop dead gorgeous (men, we’re talking to you too) in dark ruby or jeweled pine green. All it takes is your 'wow' colour in an earring or a stripe in a navy blue tie, and your appearance moves one step higher.