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by Joy Mahannah

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Reinvent yourself with colour.

You have the potential to drastically alter how you look by using the power of colour. Understanding the colours that make you look pale and tired are just as important as discovering your “wow” colours.

These are the colours that flatter your skin, hair, and eye colour, leaving you looking healthy and refreshed.

Colours are the easiest and most impactful way to elevate how you look and feel as well as the impression that you make on others.

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It’s so easy to become disconnected from your best colours. We’ve all been there. Before I had my own Personal Colour Analysis, I had drifted toward summer and autumn coloured clothes because that’s what seemed to be in style and was available in the shops I liked. I started to feel older and less vibrant and alive in my appearance; that’s when I decided to see a colour analyst. 

My experience of a 12 Season Colour Analysis was profound. Immediately I could see my skin and eyes pop when I wore my best colours. I looked and felt ten years younger, and my style and confidence naturally elevated. 

Essentially, life gets better when you’re living inside your natural colours. 

Once I saw what was available in wearing my best colours, I wanted to share that with the world. And, so I launched my business, Joy Colour and Image Consulting.


What worked for me about my colour analysis with Joy is how fun and relaxing the whole process was. Joy is a great teacher and very soon I could see which colours took me out and which colours highlighted my best features. I was always confused about what colours to choose, but now I feel like an expert. Having seen first hand the difference that colours make, I would never wear colours that aren’t great for me. Life is too short not to look and feel your best!
Financial Analyst
I have a bold personality and I wanted to swing out with colour, but I wasn’t 100% sure what my colours were , and so I hesitated. Once I had my Colour Analysis done with Joy I left there confident and well armed in the knowledge of what colours make me disappear or look tired and pale and what colours have me be seen and look my most attractive. I went straight to the mall and bought my “wow” lipstick. I feel so beautiful in it that I joke about never taking it off! There is something about the way that Joy interacted with me that made me want to own my beauty, in a way that I hadn’t been and for that I’m very grateful.
I really had no idea what my best colours were before my colour analysis with Joy. During my colour analysis I saw that I was wearing colours that had me blend into the background and be less noticeable and I saw without a doubt how much more attractive I was in my best colours. What surprised me was how different I feel and behave when I’m wearing my colours. It’s like this unfair advantage in business and in dating that I have this extra confidence and access to looking my best. This is a great investment. Go for it!
Brand Manager
I had gradually filled my wardrobe with all black colours. I didn’t realize it until one day I opened my wardrobe and saw rows of black. Plus I was working with an Alternative Healer who cautioned me that my all black clothes created a lower energy and suggested that wearing colour is healthy for the soul. I had never thought about that and that had me book my colour analysis with Joy. After years of all black clothes I had some trepidation, but Joy really listens and we focused on how to inject colour into my wardrobe in a way that felt comfortable and natural. Joy is also a stylist which I thought made a real difference in the conversation. Afterwards, I hired her to help me transition my wardrobe to my best colours and I absolutely love my clothes now. Getting dressed in the morning is something I now look forward to. Looking back at pictures of myself in all black, I can now see that it made me look a bit tough and definitely older. I’m really enjoying wearing my colours now and I’ve gotten so many compliments that I knew I was on the right track.
Professional Speaker