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Would you like to dress well and tastefully AND according to your own potential? Would you like  to communicate professionalism, creativity, personality and your inner ease? This can be done but not by arranging outfits to be worn by anyone. After all, we wish to communicate something about our own personality, our own creativity, our own anything. This can be done by choosing these colours that complement us. Us first of all, not just each other. We are more than mannequins that present a carefully organised or disorganised creation. If our face and our eyes are the most exciting focal point in our presentation, we do communicate what we wish for: intelligence, presence, a taste for life and integrity. The solution is not to dress plainly, but to wear colours that compliment us, which don’t lag behind us, which don’t overtake us. Suddenly, authenticity and improved communication become part of our lives. Suddenly, others see us better and this helps them get our meaning,  listen to us, talk to us. This can really be done.




Anna from kolorfocusI have always loved looking at people. And although I have been told not to stare at strangers many times, I haven’t really grown out of the habit. Finding a profession that essentially is looking at people’s faces is something that appeals to me tremendously. What is more, the job is a Sherlock-Holmes-like pursuit of connecting all the clues and seeing the whole picture. The whole picture that is a person with their own power, playfulness, personality and beauty. Seeing this is quite a lot of joy that a colour analyst participates in while recognizing your potential.

The tools are there, the education is there, the puzzle can be solved. If you fancy giving it a go, write to me.

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A session of Personal Colour Analysis is such a pleasure. And more importantly, you learn something about yourself

True Winter

A sincere thank-you for the session  and the materials.  The analysis was such an interesting and enriching experience. I do believe you have reached the true essence of my colouring and thanks for explaining the whole process.  The makeup  part connected all dots.

O. Pamuła
light summer

I’m slowly getting used to these colours. I started with makeup, clothes will be the next step. At the moment I am going through what I have. I switched the jewellery to sparkling stones and more silver, and I feel great with that. Doubts are gone.

true winter