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“Colour analysis is rewarding to me in so many ways. I love to see people take back control of their appearance, and make their own best choices in shopping. Being self-sufficient and successful in my shopping has been invaluable to me, and my gratitude for that never fades.”

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Personal colour analysis

“People come out feeling incredibly special and beautiful after time with you.”

These words were written by a client who has participated in the colour analysis of friends and family members, as well as her own. I feel privileged to teach clients and students to see our world and ourselves with new and appreciative eyes through the PCA experience. I am especially honoured by the perfect accuracy of with which she expressed my ultimate wish.

Most businesses offering a product or service may be familiar with the process of bringing their perception of the product and their clients’ onto parallel paths. This is a long and introspective process. In April 2019, I will have been a colour analyst for a decade, the time it took to understand at a profound level how colour analysis improves the lives of those who give themselves the experience.

Since there is no receiving without giving, as the client, your once-upon-a-time might start off sounding like this:

Once we are determined to filter the noise surrounding  appearance,

Once we release the notion that we should be able to choose colour on our own,

Once we perceive appearance as communication of who we were meant to be,

Once we allow ourselves to seek a trusted advisor with a remarkable tool kit,

The person who leaves the session is different from the one who arrived. The spark of curiosity has been awakened, along with the optimism that comes of having a plan and a strategy. I feel the same excitement as the client, of knowing that these will evolve freely in the complete acceptance and satisfaction with who they are, often for the first time in their lives, like a rebirth. This individual is prepared to explore from a new vantage point, knows how to pay attention to the right things, and has reclaimed ownership of their appearance. I am humbled to play a part in this empowerment. The pictures soon arrive, of the new hair colour, shopping finds, or perfect lipsticks, and they’re always great to see; the joy in the smile and twinkle in the eyes are even better.

To pave the way from colour palette theory to real-world success, I use various approaches to help people visualize their colours and how to use them. These ideas find their way to my website, where you’ll also find a shop with the book, Return to Your Natural Colours, and Cosmetics and Accessories for the 12 Seasons.  Pinterest galleries are invaluable to illustrate items from fashion, for the inspired translation of coloured ink on canvas into textile and design, and items from current retail to help recognize colours in stores and on websites.


I enjoy the technical side of PCA as much as the practice, and spend much of my time writing and creating, improving the many building blocks in the system, and developing new resources for analysts and their clients. I’ve dedicated years to elevating every aspect of PCA to be the best that it can be.

Teaching colour analysis to entrepreneurs may be my favourite activity of all. Sharing our skills allows me to attract people who let us grow and learn together. Our students have given me exactly that. I never tire of working with people who are committed to helping others discover their natural colours. It’s a great pleasure to see them build successful businesses that enrich their lives.

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Years ago I had my colors done and was identified as a True Spring. I have such specific memories of buying the most beautiful brown coat or an olive suit or a burnt orange sweater and people saying. “Oh that is so beautiful on you!” These are not typically spring colors so what is wrong here? I know warm is good for me but over the years my work wardrobe drifted to what the store had to sell and what was easy to buy and coordinate: black, red, grey. How many times did a salesperson say to me, “You must have the perfect white shirt.”, and so many times, people said to me ‘You look so tired today.” even though I wasn’t tired. I tried more makeup to cover up my tiredness. I would pack for vacation and stress because nothing in my closet matched. Then I met Christine and had another try at the perfect colours for me. I am a True Autumn. No wonder I love those browns, olives and oranges! Now I go into the store, zoom into my colors. If it’s not there, I don’t buy it. If a salesperson says, “Try this.”, I say, “No, I don’t wear those colours.” Shopping can be harder if you don’t find what you want, but at least it’s not one of those things you wear a few times and never wear again. Purchases have long term value and match what’s in your closet. People compliment you and you feel your best. This is one of the best investments in yourself you will ever make! A., Ontario
Christine, you offer a wonderful service, and people come out feeling incredibly special and beautiful after time with you.
Soft Summer
I wanted to become a colour analyst for a long while, ever since Christine first announced that she would be training people. When I read the announcement on the 12 Blueprints website some years ago, I had an immediate gut feeling, a response from deep within: this was what I wanted, where I was meant to go. Someday, I told myself, I will do this.   At the time, the training course was far beyond my means. But I saved up, and in the end I was at a point where I sent my first email to Canada to inquire about colour analyst training with Christine. Some months later, I stood on her doorstep. I hoped the training would give me a deeper sense of colour, and help me understand harmony. I wanted to gain the technical knowledge and skills that would bring meaning to my sensitivity for colour. And I wanted to bring that special feeling of colour harmony to other women. The training course didn’t disappoint. I learned to see colour in a whole new way, and had an amazing time working with Christine. She’s a wonderful teacher, easily adapting to my pace and always prepared to answer any questions I had, whether they were about draping choices or what the inside of a softbox looks like. Becoming a colour analyst has enriched my life exactly as I hoped it would. I love the incredibly personal journey that every client experiences, when she sits down in front of my mirror. Bringing that colour magic into her life is truly a gift.
The Netherlands