Preparing for Your Colour Analysis

by Christine Scaman (Prince Edward Island, Canada)

What I gained from colour analysis is the knowledge of what colour has to do with me.

Runways and magazines are too far from my daily reality. Going from those to looking great in my every day life is too big a leap.

If information were about me AND if how to apply it were explained in detail, that would have real value.

My book, Return to your Natural Colours,  is about how to apply our colours to how we dress.

To use the pages upon pages of images, tips, and ideas, we first want to know what our colours are.

12 groups. Which is ours?

Don’t expect of yourself what few people can do. To figure out 60 or 100 of our best colours requires a Personal Colour Analysis (PCA).

Below  you will find 2 videos of the introductory talk that my clients receive prior to their colour analysis.

Pre – Colour Analysis Preparation

Diagram for Video 1:

Images for Video 2:





Icy vs Pastel


Christine Scaman is located in Prince Edward Island , Canada. In addition to in-person Colour Analysis, Christine is also an instructor for the Colour Analyst training program. Please click the link buttons below for more information.
Christine Scaman