One Woman, Two Versions Series

the medium of water alters colour and line
by Anna Fraś (Poland)

Illuminated by different colours

Following the thread of looking at the same face illuminated by different colours, we wish to present here a striking series of posts created by our analysts. Recently we have had the chance to read about Michelle’s experience and look at Anna’s project here at Chrysalis Colour. These posts are different from before and after pictures as they show a woman courageous enough to show her many faces and to choose consciously the one that follows her authentic colour design. Michelle describes her story whereas Anna asks questions, challenging our way of looking.
Today we present you with more posts that show what changes in our appearance occur by a simple yet refined choice of colours. Clicking on the links below, you will be taken to see authentic pictures showing real women: our analysts and their clients. Without digital alterations. Without any of the ever-present striving to reach a given ideal, other than one’s own true potential.
And while letting my eyes relax and staying in the company of the pictures of a real woman, I am always awed by the magnificent presence and clarity of vision carried by one of the photos. As if the other was blurring my perception in a way similar to the lovely yet misleading medium of water that changes colour and line. 

The One Woman, Two Version series

Originally started by Christine Scaman, the series is meant to ask questions rather than answer them. Given two pictures without any explanation, initially I found the riddle slighly annoying. Yet, by mindfully remaining with each post, just as I would with a person, I gradually found one picture speaking clearly and calmly. I do admit that the experience has been one of utmost value, similar perhaps to my own analysis or the colour analyst course.