One Woman, Four Versions

four versions of one woman

I love looking at pictures of women before and after their personal color analysis. I can see how random color choices are replaced with consequent patterns. How a blurred face turns into a focused one. How the colors of the person, which used to be so painfully separate from her apparel, are now in soothing visual harmony. How she shied away from the camera before and now faces it with a confident smile.

There is so much to appreciate about what she has learnt about herself. Because there is just one important difference between those before’s and after’s: awareness. A powerful catalyst of better choices. An agent that turns confusion into clarity and indecisiveness into focus.

So, if you already have this kind of awareness, would you ever go back to the “before”?

If you know what looks good on you, why would you compromise?

Would you deliberately sabotage your own image with “less than” choices?

The same woman – me.

The same room.

The same lighting.

The same camera settings.

Four different drape colors.

Makeup in four different color palettes.

What do you see?

Anna Lazarska in True Autumn

*Please note that these are not actual draping pictures. Season specific makeup is used to emphasize differences between the four Tones. Follow Anna on Instagram  to find out the details behind each makeup.

** Photographs by Agnieszka Kaszycki, makeup by Izabela Sobczak Izymakeup.

*** The above post has been inspired by a One Woman, Two Versions series developed by our analysts.

Anna Łazarska is located in Poland. In addition to in-person Color Analysis, Anna also offers an on-line service of personalized Image and Style Analysis. Please click the link buttons below for more information.
Anna Łazarska