Love and Colour Analysis

by Anna Fraś (Poland)

A fleeting impression

An unusual smile awarded my queueing today at the department of motor vehicles. The lady looked up from her desk: I saw a truly extraordinary expression on her face. The smile was not only kind and welcoming, but radiant, showing gladness to be there and this kind of sense of humour that I value above all. An everyday pleasure in meeting others, readiness to communicate and not to rush the moment. Blue eyes looked at me. A second later, when the woman bowed her head to examine the documents issued by the main office, I wondered if the impression was real. The moment was gone and seemed so brief. Was it just an illusion?

Wouldn’t it be great if the bowed head, hair, shoulders, arms and even the clip on her hair were an extension of that truly unusual smile and eyes? If the impression was not that fleeting, but remained supported by the whole person? If the colours around the face were in harmony with that face?

As I was signing the papers to receive the renewed certificate, the smile returned in all its substance and meaning. I thanked her for the document and for the exceptional smile and left. I remember my feelings now, but wish I could remember the face that offered the smile.

A ritual

I had my colours analysed during my training. Not a long time ago: just 7 short months. And this is what I repeatedly observe now as I’m getting ready for my day.

A face receives harmonious support from various colour blocks. My blouse brings my features into focus. The reflection in the mirror is now decidedly more about my face than the wooden cabinets behind my head. My natural hair looks right and in harmony with my face. The hair is layered, both light and dark. And the blouse enhances the hair colour as well.

As I’m putting on my makeup, nothing is subtracted. Before the analysis and while using other products, I noticed that once these dark eyeshadows were there, the eyes didn’t look better. I sort of regretted doing anything. Now each element adds something without interfering.

A touch of foundation to smooth the complexion. The mushroom-coloured eyeliner is barely visible but brings dimension and I can put it on as carelessly as I choose to. The navy mascara lengthens and defines my eyelashes but without overtaking the colour of my iris. My eyes become greener as I put on the blush. Some gel on my eyebrows to keep them groomed all day. Some lipstick, delicate and subtle, completes the whole picture.

The look is simple and easy as well as polished and has this je ne sais quoi quality. Once again I fall in love with what I see. But unlike Narcissus, I do feel like going out and meeting the world.

On a day when feeling slightly more adventurous, I experiment with my 12BLUEPRINTS eyeshadow palette or the two taupe shades I bought on recommendation. On a big night out I use the same palette, perhaps taking slightly more time and using more product.

On a day when I just run simple errands or even stay indoors, I tend to repeat some of  my short ritual just for the pure pleasure. Not feeling that I have to, but just to add that cherry to the cake.

To celebrate myself

It wasn’t easy at first. I was used to darker, more saturated colours with more impact. I wanted to see a substantial change in my look. But even on the second day after my analysis I knew that the world of drama drifted away. That the world of subtlety was at hand.

I still have my old makeup. I still have my old clothes. But seven months into my discovered colour identity I feel no temptation to return to the old days.

There’s more to being myself than achieving a look that I was fascinated with. There’s more to my eyes seen as the first thing than to the meticulously applied makeup that used to overtake my features.

I know I can achieve some drama using my softer colours without doing harm to those gifts that I’m naturally endowed with. And I’m not even tempted otherwise. I go in pursuit of my own superpower: a fairly light, delicate look. I’m a Light Summer.

Anna Fraś is located in Kraków, Poland and is soon to open her studio offering in-person 12-Season Colour Analysis.
Anna Fras
Anna Fras