3 Things You Can Learn About Your Personal Style During the Pandemic

A woman wearing a medical mask

On Friday, March 13th I received a phone call from my manager telling me that our office was being closed due to Covid-19 risk. I have been working from home ever since, with only one visit to the office during this time frame. I quickly adjusted to the “new normal,” in which wearing protective equipment, keeping distance and switching to a virtual social life are just a few examples of changes we have all had to face this year. But have you noticed if your style requires any changes as a result of this situation?

If you pause, consider your new routines, observe your daily clothing and makeup choices, then you will find that there are three things you can learn about your personal style during the pandemic:

1. What to get more of   

 Most of my clients and my friends say their lifestyle dramatically changed. From office to “home office.” From weekly trips to shopping malls to online shopping. From cinemas, galleries and live concerts to Netflix sessions on the couch. As a consequence, the number of occasions which they now need to dress up for went down significantly as well.

Some of them miss business dress code or fancy cocktail dresses. Others miss having their hair or nails done since beauty salons were closed in their area. A few confessed that since face masks are mandatory, wearing lipstick is what they have been missing the most. I personally can’t live without wearing high heels on a daily basis. How about you?

Instead of counting the days until lockdown is over so that you can shine again, consider how you can feel better and look gorgeous at home. Introduce a little bit of glamour, business elegance or party vibe (whatever you have been missing) in order to bridge the gap in the interim.

2. What to let go of   

If you miss nothing at all, chances are that your pre-Covid personal style did not reflect who you truly are and what you like. Perhaps you just got used to conforming to social expectations even though it did not feel like you. If this is the case, then now is the time to identify which elements of your style are too formal, too conservative or too boring so that you could happily let them go.

3. How to make it more authentic

 If you are one of those women who used to go shopping with friends or relied on store assistants’ opinions, you might find “new normal” shopping scary at the beginning. Alone in front of your computer screen? Don’t worry, it is a perfect opportunity to limit external influences and to learn what YOU like.

With every closet clean out I do with my clients we find items they do not like. They purchased them, they wear them and keep them but it was someone else who had convinced them they looked great.

Take your time during your online shopping. Put in your shopping cart only things which truly resonate with you and make your heart beat faster. Don’t be afraid of making your own choices if you truly want unique and authentic personal style.  

An Opportunity

A stylish woman in a medical maskThis unusual time of pause and seclusion caused by the pandemic creates an opportunity for deeper self-discovery and introduction of conscious long-term changes in your life. Learning what you truly love and what is not in sync with who you are, is an essential part of personal style development process. If you need any guidance in your color and style exploration, you are welcome to join my Personal Style Challenge.

The Style Challenge is a month-long, free program which can help you revise your approach to personal style. It poses challenging questions, encourages reflection upon your style habits and questions fashion stereotypes.

How does it work?

  • this year the Challenge consists of 15 style-related tasks,  
  • tasks are sent to the e-mail address provided when signing up for the Challenge,
  • tasks are sent out every second day so that you have enough time to prepare and complete them,
  • if you need more time, you can do them at your own pace and in your preferred sequence,
  • the first task arrives on the day of registration,
  • this edition of the Challenge is designed as an individual reflection and inspiration; therefore its tasks are not published simultaneously on Facebook or other social media.

You can sign up any time using the button below. Enjoy!

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