Shopping: 5 Lifestyle Types

by Florentina Mossou (The Netherlands)

Colour analysis can be a game changer, whatever your lifestyle. It’s such a versatile, effective tool, and you are free to use it in whatever way works best for you.

The Stylistcreative freedom

If you love to shop, enjoy having a large closet, like to play with accessories and love styling yourself from head to toe most every day, PCA will elevate that to a whole new level. You will have all the variety you love and enjoy. And getting a look together will no longer be a confusing puzzle, but a total breeze. Everything just goes. No need to dig that particular shirt out of the laundry pile because only that will go with those pants – you can mix and match as you please.

The Functionalistwell-dressed practicality

If you want to dress well, but don’t want to rack your brains deciding what to wear, or what to buy, knowing your colour palette will be the key to having it both ways. You’ll look fantastic, with a minimum amount of fuss. Shopping becomes so easy and fast, you’ll laugh at yourself zipping in and out of stores, honing in on exactly the few but perfect items. Getting dressed is so automated, it’s a nearly mindless task. Just how you like it, so you can save your energy for whatever will meet you that day – while looking good of course..

The Trend Gurualways on the edge

If you love style, are always on the hunt for the newest trends and adore the latest celebrity looks, yet you are on a budget too, PCA can become your secret weapon. It’s the jumping board to undeniable beauty and glamour, without the need for a celebrity budget or entourage. Your colour palette will help you know what new trends to follow -and which to pass up-, and how to make them your own. You’ll know so well how to get value for your money, your friends will wonder how you do it.

The Minimalistoptimizing fashion and function

And if you are the type of person that’s just done with having so much stuff, having to sort through the noise to get yourself out the door looking presentable, PCA can sort you out. A leaner and greener life with a minimalist wardrobe is not so hard when you know exactly which  colours will always look great on you. You will have your desired level of ‘polish’ – no need to become an eco hippie if that’s not your thing – in a very compact closet. Your palette will be an easy roadmap to that elusive capsule wardrobe.

Your colour palette has incredibly valuable information. Whichever way you use it, you’ll save time, energy, money and frustration. It all depends on your lifestyle.

Where do you fit?

Florentina Mossou is located in The Netherlands. In addition to in-person Color Analysis, Florentina is the creator of ALIGN, an on-line personalized Image and Style Analysis system. Please click the link buttons below for more information.
Florentina Mossou