A Soft Summer Hair Story

My Hair Colour Story

I have medium brown hair that is just now starting to get a few silver strands (yes, amazing but true).

I have always kept a golden highlight in it, ever since my early 20s.

I bought clothing that seemed to harmonize best with the whole picture, including my hair colour. 
It was clear to me that I could only buy clothes that went with the gold. I felt something was off because the golden blonde highlights were the only thing that gave me sparkle. On one hand, I knew that hair dye was at the centre of my other choices. On the other hand, without the dye, I felt as though I had no colour.

There was something missing and I couldn’t figure it out.

I didn’t know why I’d started dyeing or how I’d picked that colour. No, that’s not true…

I did what all my friends were doing. And then it was a habit I was afraid to break. My hair colourist wasn’t the problem. Once, she even suggested going cooler but I said no. Why change? I had a whole wardrobe picked around that dye!

My Discovery 

A colour analyst had opened up shop in my area. I decided to treat myself and see what I could learn. It turns out I’m a Soft Summer. I wouldn’t have guessed that my colouring was that cool, having seen myself in only warm hair and clothing colours for so many years. But there it was, clear to see in the drapes, how much better I looked in the cooler colours.

Once we took the grey cap off, my golden hair clashed with all my lovely colours. That was clear to see too. The colours that were so beautiful for my skin, eyes, and cheekbones were very simply not cooperating with the highlights.

I knew what I had to do.

I went to the salon, had the gold switched for light ash brown in one visit.

Now, people stop me on the street to compliment me.

After years of gold, I was surprised how fast I adjusted to the new colour. It was no adjustment at all.

Now, when I buy clothes, I choose them for all of me.

I still colour my hair because I know I’m making a good colour choice, maybe for the first time. I want to enjoy it awhile longer.

One day, I will know that it’s time to stop dyeing when I feel lighter when I think about it. For now, I’m loving lipstick and loving even more that I see myself as a colourful person.