Episode 24: Jorunn and Christine’s Makeup Hacks

In today’s show…

We discuss shortcuts, tips, and tricks for makeup to apply and appear the way we want. Our conversation is informal, with topics generally covered as follows: 

  1. Lipstick and concealer to avoid ‘resting bitch’ face as per Lisa Eldridge (video link in Show Notes), at 6.14 min
  2. Lipliner, at 10.14 min
  3. Concealer around eyes, at 11.58 min
  4. Translucent powder on upper lids, at 15.52 min
  5. How not to apply eyeliner, at 18.53 min
  6. Lower lid eyeliner, at 22.40 min
  7. Foundation as extended moisturizer/sunscreen, at 27.16 min
  8. Highlighters and contour, at 36.05  min
  9. Lipstick as blush, at 45.07 min
  10. Foundation and concealer in the T-zone, at 48.27 min
  11. A lipstick brush, at 53.00 min
  12. Brow wax separate from colour, at 57.22 min
  13. Lighting, at 1.02 hr

Duration total: 1.13 hr

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Show Notes:

The links for products discussed in today’s show:

Lisa Eldridge video on avoiding resting bitch face is here at YouTube.

Smashbox lid primer is here at Smashbox.

@eyegirlmd on Instagram for information on eyeliner application.

BLUEPRINTS Imperfect eyeshadow is here in the Shop at 12 BLUEPRINTS.

BLUEPRINTS Transformer is here in the Shop at 12 BLUEPRINTS. 

L’Oréal Infallible Super Slim eyeliner is here at L’Oreal Paris USA.     (note, Christine uses Gray on lower lid and Black on upper, both in the thinnest possible line, or gray on both lids for casual wear. In order, apply primer to face first (Cover Girl TruBlend Mattifying) and primer to upper lids (Smashbox above), then apply lower lid liner, next foundation on entire face, then translucent powder to face and upper lids, then upper lid liner and continue with rest of makeup application).

Maybelline Master Chrome Jelly highlighter is here at Maybelline.   (note, Master Chrome Metallic is a different product; while I have not tried it, the shine appears less finely milled)

Inglot Aquastic eyeshadow is here at Inglot. 

First Aid Beauty Coconut Smoothie Priming Moisturizer is here at First Aid Beauty. 

BLUEPRINTS Clear Brow Wax is here in the Shop at 12 BLUEPRINTS. 

Clamp light, an example here at Home Depot.

Non-specific bulb for clamp light: Philips 100W (14W) LED Indoor A19 Non-dimmable Daylight (5000K)

Yuji International Lighting Information page.

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Christine Scaman is located in Prince Edward Island, Canada. In addition to in-person Colour Analysis, Christine blogs about Colour and 12 Seasons. Christine is an instructor for the Colour Analyst training program.
Christine Scaman
Jorunn Hernes is located in Norway, where she offers in-person 12-Season Colour Analysis. Jorunn blogs in English and Norwegian about colour and style, with particular focus on minimalism and practicality.
Jorunn Hernes