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The Season of You

Lynette Mae Allen

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“The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”   

Coco Chanel 

We all contain a rainbow of colors

There are reasons that we gravitate towards certain colors. It is that natural instinct that we all have. It seems instinctual to reach for certain clothing items, but maybe you never understood why. Or maybe there is a top in your closet you never touch. 

Color plays a huge part in this. Mother Nature designed each of us with varying degrees of colors within ourselves and it speaks to us even when we shop. We are attuned to matching those colors within ourselves. Yet sometimes we need help sticking to our natural palette and that is when color analysis can help steer you in the right direction.

I have had clients write me weeks later telling how excited they are and how empowered they feel to find their personal color palette. It is knowledge that never leaves and keeps paying for itself every time they go shopping. Their closets are streamlined. Everything goes together. Even their make-up shopping becomes easier when they know what colors to look for.

Why wouldn’t you wear the perfect colors that enhance your natural beauty? 



I’m Lynette and I was trained by Terry Jo Wildfong in the Sci/Art personal color analysis system.

I’ve been around the block a few times with my own personal color analysis journey. I’ve been “typed” everything under the sun. However, it wasn’t until I could see for myself what was best for my coloring that all doubts left my mind. The Sci/Art method of draping answered so many of my own personal questions that I wanted to pass that knowledge and feeling on to others.

My goal is to see you bloom when you walk out of my studio, without any of the same doubts that plagued me in my journey. I am beyond ecstatic to help you determine the season of you and have the knowledge that you are your own unique flower.

Reasons for a Color Analysis

1) A cohesive wardrobe – When everything goes together, not only does it save you time shopping, it also saves time getting dressed. 

2) Save money – No more mistakes buying a color that just hangs in your closet untouched. No more hair color mistakes. You can finally find that perfect shade of lipstick that harmonizes with you. 

3) Look younger – You look radiant in your natural colors. They give you a youthful glow. 

4) Confidence – You are investing in yourself and that is the most important investment you can ever make. Confidence is the best outfit anyone can wear. 


Lynette has a passion for helping women, a great personality that is needed to work with clients and is detail oriented. Lynette’s ability to read the drape comparisons and her color acuity are excellent.
Terry Jo Wildfong
Your Natural Design PCA
I had the opportunity to get draped by Lynette. Before having this done, I did not know what draping was. She explained everything so well and made it easy to understand as she went along. Seeing how it all works and her explaining in detail how she decides certain colors was interesting to learn. She was patient with me while I asked questions throughout the process. It was an amazing experience getting to do something that I have never had done before. Definitely recommend Lynette if interested in getting draped.
Light Summer