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I’m Alane.

I was trained in the Sci/ART system of Personal Color Analysis in 2015 by Terry Wildfong of Your Natural Design. Since then, I have seen countless faces, discovered the beauty of every season, and spent way more time on Pinterest than I ever thought I would.

Most of my business is done in my studio, located near Milwaukee, WI (roughly 90 miles north of Chicago).

I’ve always been interested in beauty, fashion, skincare, and all things fancy. I also love math, science, and research. As a color analyst, I am able to combine those two sides of my personality into one big, colorful, geeky passion.

My other hobbies include reading, hiking, painting, skiing, cat-petting, Star Wars-watching, and coffee.

I have an engineer husband, three GeekBabies, and three sassy cats. All have their own unique ways of letting me know when I’ve spent too much time on Pinterest.

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Personal color analysis

There’s a science to color. Finding colors that complement our coloring is often guesswork, a struggle guided by a vague idea of what looks good. A Personal Color Analysis removes guesswork while bringing out what makes you utterly unique.

We all want to look good, but we want to look good while still looking like ourselves. I believe great style is about showing the world exactly who you are. It’s not about trends, or distracting, or camouflaging. It’s about making you look like the most authentic version of you. Science and beauty find a meeting place at ColorGeek Studio. Continue below to discover what personal color analysis can do for you.

Personal Color Analysis (PCA) is the process by which we determine which colors best complement your natural skin tone.

According to Munsell, any given color has three dimensions:

Hue and Heat: What color is it?

How warm or cool is it?

Value: How dark or light is it?

Chroma: How bright or soft is it?

What we think of as “complementary” colors are those that have the same or similar dimensions. Our goal is to find out what dimensions work with YOU. We do this by isolating your unique tone and observing the effects that different colors produce on your face. Some of those effects may be:

More even skin tone
Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
Increased definition of bone structure
Clearer, brighter eyes
Whiter teeth

what to expect

My appointments combine the long-term answers and color direction you’re looking for with the fun and pampering of a spa service. It’s all about you.

Prior to your PCA, I will send you a short questionnaire to fill out and send back to me. This will give me an idea of what you hope to gain from the analysis, as well as your current color preferences and habits.

On the day of your appointment, you will come to my studio completely barefaced. This can be intimidating for some people (myself included), but it is CRUCIAL for us to see your skin as it truly is.

Once you arrive at my studio, we will chat about basic color theory, as well as what we’ll be looking for during the draping.

We begin the draping process. I will cover your hair and clothing with neutral gray, and then I will begin placing specially chosen cloths (drapes) next to your face and observing the changes that occur. You will be amazed to see how different your face looks just based on what color is next to it! You are an active part of the process – many clients don’t notice the things I’m looking for when we start, but by the end virtually all are able to see the difference. This is not me telling you what I think looks good, but rather us determining what works best with your natural coloring. The draping itself can take a few hours, but don’t worry, I have an awesome chair.

Lanie walking along a brick wallOnce we determine your season, I will give you your swatchbook and show you how to use it. We’ll discuss the dimensions of the colors, and I will apply makeup in seasonally-matched colors if you desire.

After your appointment, I will e-mail you a summary of how and why we arrived at your season. You will also receive a detailed description of your season, as well as lots of practical advice for how to move forward. I like to keep in touch with my clients, both to see how you’re settling into your season and also because you’re probably pretty cool.

You’ll ask questions, and I’ll answer them. We’ll look at your face a lot, and you’ll sit in a comfy chair. It’ll be stupendous.


Alane did my color draping and it was a wonderful, fun and educational experience. Knowing what colors work best for me has opened a whole different world for knowing how to dress myself and feeling confident in what I dress in every day.
Soft Summer
Loved my PCA by Alane! She made me feel comfortable and included throughout the process and gave me a fundamental understanding of why I look good in the colors I look good in. The level of continued support Alane provides post draping has also been invaluable to me. With her help I have started to fill my closet and makeup case with items that I feel totally confident in. I had such an amazing experience and cannot recommend her enough!
Light Summer