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personal colour analysis

A Colour Analysis will find the best colours for you.

Most people focus on matching clothes with clothes, without factoring themselves into the equation. When what you wear is in harmony with your natural colours (skin, eyes and hair), people will take notice. The common side benefits my clients report are that people tell them they look younger than they actually are. They find that random people go out of their way to compliment them on how they look. And for some of my clients, looking harmonious has even played a role in getting a long sought after job promotion.  

When you finally understand what YOUR best colours are, you’ve hit the shopping jackpot. No more wasting money on things that don’t suit you, wardrobes full of clothes you don’t wear, and a make-up bag of abandoned products.

Is looking your best complicated?

…not once you have the right information.

At any age, wearing your correct colours will have you
looking more youthful and current.

For many people, a softer palette of colours is the most flattering. However, as my client discovered, the softer colours she had been wearing made her look drained and tired. Brighter colours brought forth her vitality.

Different Clients... different Best Colours

Elegance Colour Consulting


So many thanks to you for a gobsmacking colour analyst session. Your personality shines along with an extraordinary grasp of your subject matter. You are exceptionally talented in your communication. Your ability to reach that fine line of imparting info and not overwhelming was very welcome. Both [my friend] and I are retired educators. When we were walking out on Saturday we could not stop remarking on your presentation. Thank you again. It was also just great fun!
Retired Educator
I put this off for a long time but I am so glad I finally went! Naomi is lovely, and I really enjoyed the afternoon. I learned so much and came home and looked at my wardrobe completely differently. Naomi didn’t just show my colours, she also taught me how to test colours so I could see for myself why certain colours suited me and others didn’t. Absolutely worth the time and money!

Review on Yelp
I enjoyed our time well spent together. Many people have commented on how good I look, and that really is just a change in makeup, and wearing some of the True Spring colours that I happen to already own. I also feel lighter and brighter in myself, and this is helping me embrace that side of my personality and style. Thank you again for the effort you made to get me to the right colours for me!
I sought out Naomi after I tried and tried to figure out my own Color Season by myself. I couldn't seem to place myself in any one category, so I turned to a professional touch. I'm so glad I did! Naomi is incredibly skilled at what she does. We went through the entire color analysis process and she was always careful to point out what was and wasn't working about any one drape or color family. She helped me to understand my own coloring, and when I was finally revealed to be a Dark Winter I had no doubts she was right! The process was not a mystery, Naomi was very interactive and invested in helping me to fully grasp the reasoning behind the conclusion. I felt very invited into the process, and that made it fun! I'm so excited to start putting this knowledge to good use and fully explore my natural, best colors. I would absolutely encourage anyone and everyone to contact Naomi for a Color Analysis.